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Welcome to the marketplace. We are always committed to protecting the privacy of our website users, so to protect the privacy of your information we publish a privacy policy that describes in detail how we will protect your privacy.

This privacy policy explains very well how we collect, use and disclose your personal information (through specific terms). This privacy policy also explains the steps we take to protect your personal information. Finally, this Privacy Policy provides a clear explanation of the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information. By accessing this site directly or through other means, you accept the policy.

   Personal Information:

Your phone number is collected when you register on our website. Later, when you go to place an order, we collect your name, phone number, email address, address. We store all your information on safe and secure servers and ensure maximum security.

 Transaction Information:

With the increase in the use of debit or credit cards in online transactions, the number of fraudsters is also increasing and therefore to ensure the safety of your information we are using Bangladesh's secure and user friendly payment gateway our website which will make your online payment 100% safe. Moreover, when you go to make a payment from our site, you will be taken directly from our site to the payments get way  page to complete the payment, which will keep your card information more secure.

   Information supply:

We do not provide your personal information to any other person or organization. Courier service is provided to the company only for couriering the products ordered by you. In that case, if the courier service company uses this information for their business promotion or other purposes, it is completely beyond our responsibility. However, if any law enforcement agency of the country wants information for any investigation in the country, we will be obliged to provide it.

  Information on Data Collection:

We will use the information you provide to process your order and assist you with the necessary services and information on our website based on your request. Subsequently, we will use the information you provide to manage your account and verify and complete all financial transactions used to process your payment. All data downloaded from our website is audited and may be used for research on the demographics of our users. If you do not want to receive any advertising related information from us, you can opt out option.

  Privacy Policy Changes: reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time. If any changes are made to our Privacy Policy, we will post the modified Privacy Policy here.

Your consent:

By using our website you consent to this privacy policy. If you have any questions or queries regarding our privacy policy, please contact us.

Your rights:

If you are aware of your data you have the right to access your personal data that we hold or process. You have the right to correct any discrepancy in your data fee charges. You have the right to request the deletion of personal data for direct marketing purposes at any stage