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Categories: Others

Model: Bux

Brand: Payrmart

SKU: SKU167229859214

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1.Tk 49 Surprise  Box will be live from 4 pm and will be live till stock lasts.

2. Tk 49 Surprise  Box can only be ordered on pre-payment and the customer will receive product value not less than 16 Taka.

3.Delivery charge is applicable.

4.Tk 49 Surprise  Box itself is a Customized product and as such the customers will not have the opportunity to choose the items contained in the tk 49 Surprise  Box.

5. A Customers is eligible to order Only one tk 49 Surprise  Box Therefore Multiple orders form different devices will not be honored by a single customers 

6. Tk 49 Surprise  Box items are not Refundable 

7. Tk 49 Surprise  box will be live as long as it is stock therefore those who can order first will get it first

8. Payrmart and the customers both acknowledge and agree that none of the product owners have any obligation whatsoever to provide any maintenance and support services with respect to the Tk 49 Surprise Box

Dhaka inside 3-5 days and Dhaka outside 5-7 days